otiselevatorco Beginning each day at 6:30 am, Jim’s hard work is fueled by customer satisfaction. “Every day there’s intriguing, different problems to solve. It’s very intense and rewarding.” #SignatureService #BehindTheScenes


Meet Fei Ye. As a service supervisor, he wears the Otis logo proudly when empowering his team. Stay tuned for this… https://t.co/KxATqxSQJW

RT @ChiefExecGrp: “We are an iconic industrial...we are going to be a digital industrial. That’s where the market is going.” - @OtisElevato

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otiselevatorco Otis France accelerates the pace of #digitalization by launching a new website for customers and passengers to easily submit service requests and check in real time on the status of their elevator. #SignatureService #MadeToMoveYou


otiselevatorco Check out Jim in action as he tells his #SignatureService story in San Francisco.


"We need to earn customers loyalty every day," said @Otis_President Judy Marks at @ChiefExecGrp #CEO2CEO Summit https://t.co/4w4EOVA5Mb


otiselevatorco #DYK Otis Korea manufactured its first elevator in 1968, and they have only gone up from there, unveiling Signature Service, Otis ONE and the latest service solutions to customers recently at the #InternationalKoreaLiftExpo

"We started this industry, and we’re going to continue to lead it with new technologies, the best service, the best… https://t.co/PKUWnUTOgm

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