May 16, 2018 SAN FRANCISCO, United States

Otis Helps Shape San Francisco’s Skyline with Oceanwide Win

New Oceanwide Center will use Otis products to optimize people movement

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otiselevatorco Today, millions of people will travel around the U.S. to celebrate Independence Day. As always, Otis is here to move them. #MadeToMoveYou #IndependenceDay #4thOfJuly


#DYK Halk GYO will have the largest number of Otis super double deck SkyRise elevators installed outside Asia for i…

#FunFactFriday - The floor in this @UTC innovation hub in Brooklyn is made from the material used in Otis' Gen2 ele…

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otiselevatorco Congrats to Otis Korea for a job well done educating the next generation on environmental improvement & safety! We are Otis and we are #MadetoMoveYou efficiently and safely.

May 7, 2018 FARMINGTON, Conn, United States

Otis Introduces the Link™ Escalator

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otiselevatorco Otis Hong Kong kicked off the 4th annual “Be A Little Engineer Program". Thirty little engineers and employee volunteers unleashed their creativity and imagination to create their own unique elevator model.

May 1, 2018 Farmington, Conn, United States

Otis Launches 'Signature Service'

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Our service technology is the talking point on the @ElevatorWorld podcast about our win from Centre Island Hotels i…


otiselevatorco Kicking off the Summer Series town hall with Otis President Judy Marks.

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