otiselevatorco Hey, everyone! Ryan here. 😎 Shout out to Otis for letting me into your world to check out some cool Otis products and the awesome #SignatureService your mechanics provide to your customers every day! If you haven’t already, check out Otis’ IG story to catch a glimpse of the Otis world. And stay tuned for more. I have one more surprise coming next week! #MadeToMoveYou


#DYK that for @Twentytwolondon the unloading and loading of the equipment from the warehouse and on the job site is… https://t.co/t9ZxcwW2g6


otiselevatorco What can you expect during Instagram takeover? Mechanics, the San Fran Skyline and a unique twist on our service vehicles! Don’t miss out as we give you a sneak peek into a day in the life of an Otis Mechanic. #SignatureService #MadetoMoveYou


otiselevatorco To celebrate #CustomerServiceWeek, our mechanics and the #SignatureService they provide, we’ve teamed up with photographer and influencer Ryan Millier (@ryanmillier) for our first-ever Instagram takeover! Ryan will take over on 10.5.18 to give you an exclusive behind the scenes look into the everyday life of our mechanics. Like, comment and share and get ready to see how we are #MadeToMoveYou.


Our North America team celebrates its “Employer of the Year” nomination along with “Employee of the Year” nominee J… https://t.co/OcAdEkHOGz

May 9, 2018 FARMINGTON, United States

Otis Launches Gen2 MRL for High-Rise Market

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otiselevatorco Ever wonder what it’s like to be an Otis mechanic? Or, the manpower it takes to move ~2 billion people every three days? Wonder no more. In celebration of #CustomerServiceWeek, we’re going to give you a glimpse into the world of our mechanics, but with a twist! 😎 On 10.5.18, we’re partnering with a very special photographer / influencer for an Instagram takeover that will give you exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of our mechanics and the #SignatureService>#SignatureService they provide our customers in the San Francisco area every day. So mark your calendars, and tune in Monday for the BIG influencer reveal. . . . . #MadeToMoveYou #SignatureService>#SignatureService #RiseWithOtis #OtisMechanics>#OtisMechanics #Elevators #Escalators #Lifts #Otis #InstagramTakeover #OtisElevatorsCo #UnitedTech #UnitedTechnologies

Addressing logistical challenges on high rise buildings, our self climbing elevator is born from decades of experie… https://t.co/nPGGguBVuc

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