otiselevatorco Joining in the passion for football in Argentina, providing units in the @BocaJrsOficial Sports Club stadium, helping move nearly 50k fans each game.


This model originally built in 1930, modernized in 2011, is still in operation in a Parisian residential building t… https://t.co/hahvylBsr4

RT @Otis_President>@Otis_President: Impressed at TEDA manufacturing center in Tianjin, China–our largest manufacturing site in Asia with nearly 1,000 @Otis

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otiselevatorco We believe service starts with commitment. And every day at Otis, our 33,000 service pros roll up their sleeves to keep 2 billion people on the move. This is #SignatureService


otiselevatorco In 1861, Charles Otis (son of Elisha) handwrote our first maintenance contract and signed his name to it. He’d be happy to know we still stand by his promise nearly 160 years later, and we’re building on it with digital tools. #Signature Service


RT @UTC_CCS>@UTC_CCS: The @UTC Center for Intelligent Buildings is #BuildingPossible thanks to innovative products, integrated systems and interacti…


otiselevatorco Otis is taking visitors of the Berchtesgaden Alps to new heights - 6,150 feet higher to be exact! We're proud to help renovate the popular Jennerbahn cable car attraction and keep tourists moving safely and efficiently. #MadeToMoveYou

Our North America website has a fresh new look! Check out the user-friendly features helping customers quickly and… https://t.co/cFDCDbDH7M

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