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The MCS321M/220M modular control system for modernization is noted for its flexibility in that it can meet every type of building requirement - from low to medium rise.
The MCS321M/220M is designed to upgrade low and medium speed AC/DC lifts. Its VVVF drive system provides an exceptionally comfortable ride and outstanding leveling accuracy whatever the load. Additionally, the MCS321M/220M system makes use of real-time computations method to make immediately decisions on car starts and stops and the allocation of car and hall calls. Thus, passenger handling time is optimized and energy consumption is reduced.
The MCS321M/220M modular control system can interface to existing Otis and NON-Otis units as well as other modernization packages such as (a) door operator, (b) luxury fixtures & (c) REM.
Designed to upgrade low and medium speed AC/ DC lifts
VVVF drive control for speed up to 2.5m/s
Reliable and quiet operation
Energy saving
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