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Outdated relay controls are prone to failure. By replacing them with an intelligent microprocessor controller as part of a system modernization program, the availability of the associated elevator units is improved and passenger waiting times reduced, especially during peak hours.
Key Features & Benefits

System Design
The microprocessor technology allows function tests in the elevator control system to be carried out without shutting the system down. Our maintenance specialists can retrieve the stored operation data and quickly access the condition of the installation and diagnose faults. This greatly reduces elevator downtime.

Intelligent Dispatching
The microprocessor control system makes real time calculations of the elevator car commands and floor calls to determine car starts and stops. This increases car availability, reduces passenger waiting time to a minimum, and improves overall passenger traffic flow.
Reliable Technology
The variable frequency drive system controls velocity and floor leveling to ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration, which are crucial to making every elevator ride a pleasurable experience.
Passenger Safety
A new generation, non-contact position reference system improves the accuracy of floor leveling of elevator car and reduces the risk of tripping.

Energy Saving
When an elevator is running, the frequency regulation changes both voltage and frequency. This results in a very high power factor and minimum energy consumption. It reduces energy consumption by 30% when compared with the obsolete control system.
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