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Passenger Safety is always first at Otis. XOP protection devices and electrical safety requirements is strictly accordant with the European code EN115 and other countries’ code of practice. Meanwhile, XOP is also comply with the Otis global jobsite safety standard WWJSS.
Operational Brake
Integrated within the elevator driving machine and between the motor and reduction gearbox. Travolator safety brake can be activated through electromagnetic braking.
Motor Thermic Protection
The thermal protection switch is located in the motor coil. If the motor temperature exceeds 155℃, the thermal protection sensor will automatically shut down the travolator.
Main drive chain safety device
The drive chain broken safety switch is installed on and activated by the chain tension device. Once the chain is prolonged or broken, the safety device will be triggered and make the escalator stop running.
Auxiliary brake, wedge type (Rise>6m)
The auxiliary brake is located at the upper landing, it could stop the travolator via brake disc installed at main drive, and is the standard configuration for travolator rise above 6m. Optional configuration: Rise≤6m.
Pallet Broken Protection Device
The broken pallet protection device is located at the slanting section close to the upper and lower leveling. If the pallet or its chain breaks, the safety switch will automatically engage. The switch can be reset by using the reset protection device.
Comb Plate Contact
The comb panel protection switches are located on two sides of each comb panel. If foreign debris is lodged between the comb and pallets, the comb panel will automatically lift upwards initiating the safety switch and stopping travolator operation.
Floorplate Safety Contact
A safety switch is installed under the floorplate to ensure proper floorplate positioning. If the floorplate is not properly closed, the safety switch will initiate, stopping travolator operation until the floorplate is properly closed.
Safety Grounding
All electrical components on the travolator are safely grounded, and directly connected to the ground via the travolator truss.
Non-reversal Device
A rotation sensor is located on the brake that monitors motor rotation speed and direction. If the motor rotates in reverse, the sensor will send a corresponding signal to the main controller to activate the travolator brake.
Missing Pallet Monitoring Device
Two metal acquisition sensors are located at the turning position of the upper and lower pallets. If the pallet is missing or installed incorrectly, the sensor will send a signal to the control system, to shut down the travolator.
Handrail Entry Safety Guard
The handrail entry safety guard is in the handrail entry box of the upper and lower leveling, and meets the standard requirements. If foreign debris is inserted in the handrail or rubber head, the safety switch installed behind the rubber head will automat.
Emergency Stop
Located on the upper and lower leveling and close to the skirt panel of the handrail entrance. The safety stop can be manually activated by pressing a red emergency stop button in case of emergency.
Broken pallet protection device
The safety switch is located on the tensioning frame of the lower leveling. If the pallet chain breaks or stretches abnormally, the safety switch will initiate stopping the travolator.
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