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An efficient and comprehensive range
Otis' range of three door operator systems covers all market requirements:
  • Two systems controlled by variable frequency meet the needs of medium and high rise commercial buildings.
  • The variable speed system controlled by DC has been specifically designed for residential buildings.
  • Door Operator with VF control
    For medium and high rise buildings with high traffic patterns
    A result of Otis' proven technological expertise, the two door operator systems are fitted with AC motors controlled with a closed loop variable frequency drive.

    Guaranteeing optimum traffic by considerably reducing passenger waiting time on the landing, the systems also offer quiet operation thanks to the highly efficient door control.
    Door Operator with DC control
    For residential and low rise buildings
    A belt-driven door operator with DC control offers both improved reliability and reduced noise. Variable speed control ensures smooth door operation.
    Opening/closing speed profiles of the door operators
    1 : Rapid opening
    2 : Rapid closing
    3 : Slow opening
    4 : Slow Closing
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