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Super Double Deck Elevators System meets more flexible building needs than conventional double deck systems do.
Double deck elevator systems with two cars vertically connected are used to increase passenger traffic handling capacity without changing the sizes and number of hoistways.
As building design has become considerably diversified these days, there have been an increasing number of buildings with different floor heights in such a case where the height of the lobby and top floors differs from that of inter mediate floors.

Conventional double deck elevator systems with two cars fixedly connected are no longer able to accommodate such buildings. That is why Otis developed a flexible double deck elevator system with two movable cars connected ver tically, which is called “Super Double Deck Elevator,” to meet the requirement for double deck elevator service in buildings with different floor heights.

Super Double Deck elevators can be installed in buildings with different floor heights.
World’s first movable deck mechanism pantograph for double deck elevators
Otis’ newly developed “Super Double Deck Elevator System” employs a pantograph as a movable car-connecting mechanism to accommodate floor height differences of up to 2 meters. On the top of the car frame that supports the two cars and the pantograph, two small motors are mounted. These motors with ball screws and helical gears coupled to them adjust the distance between the two cars to allow the cars to stop right at the respective floor levels.
Car distance adjusting drive system (ball screws/helical gears)
Car-connecting apparatus (pantograph)
The Super Double Deck elevator system frees architects of conventional double deck elevator system concepts to allows them to freely develop building plans just like ordinary single deck elevators.
As the distance between the upper and lower cars is adjusted while the elevator is running, no pas in the cars can notice the cars distance adjusting operation.
Super Double Deck elevator system can provide customers with both increase in passenger traffic handling capacity and flexibility in building planning at the same time.
Otis’ Super Double-Deck elevator system has the following advantages:
  • The pantograph joint used on the system is designed to be positioned in the middle to support the upper and lower cars equally, enabling smooth, quite and precisely controlled elevator operation with less power.
  • Otis’ advanced engineering technology provides maximum rigidity of the entire elevator system, allowing both upper and lower cars to travel up and down in stable condition.
  • The pantograph joint adjusts the positions of both cars to floors with different ceiling heights while the elevator is traveling and before the cars arrive at landings, avoiding operating efficiency penalty As the pantograph joint works as such, passengers in the cars do not fee the pantograph joint’s working.
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