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The GeN2 system combines 21st century technologies and materials to provide 21st century solutions: More usable building space. Timesaving installation. Energy efficiency. Environmental protection. Design flexibility. Enhanced safety systems.
Space Saving, Energy-Efficient, Clean
The GeN2™ system requires no machine room - the mechanism is at the top of the shaft. Lightweight, flexible, polyurethane steel belts permit the use of an energy-efficient machine.
Better for Architects, Builders and Owners
The GeN2 system liberates architects to design buildings without the need for a machine room. Builders benefit from a rapid, controlled installation process that minimises external trade interference. And owners enjoy an economical transportation system with more leaseable space.
Clean, Efficient, Better for the Environment
The GeN2 hoist stays clean as the belts and the gearless machine (which has permanently sealed bearings) require no oil. The synchronous permanent-magnet machine, with a radial air gap, is as much as 50% more efficient than a conventional geared machine.
The GeN2 systems electro-magnetic filter eliminated interference with the buildings other electrical system.
Superior Ride Comfort
The GeN2 system is remarkably comfortable.
A Quiet Ride
The compact gearless machine makes the ride quiet. Flexible belts on a small sheave also reduce noise. Relays have virtually be eliminated, even the controller is quiet. Specially designed machine brakes reduce noise. No detail was left to chance.
A Smooth Ride
A sturdier car frame (which is isolated from the car enclosure to reduce noise) minimized vibration and a digital VF closed-loop vector control ensures a consistently smooth ride.
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