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Reliable Operating System
The roped traction system widely used onconventional elevators in most buildingsis applied to New Noriai-go™ 20. Advantages over hydraulic elevators include:
  • Smoother acceleration and deceleration by inverter control
  • No odor, no oil leak -environmentally-friendly
  • Car waits at the floor which it has last served unlike hydraulic equipment which automatically returns to the designated floor
  • Car Interior
    Space Saving Design
    New Noriai-go™ 20 is designed to be accommodated in minimum space requirements as indicated on the hoistway plan page. Empty, wasted space can be minimized.
    Enhanced Floor Plan Flexibility
    Front and rear openings can be provided as an optional feature to allow users to board the elevator car from the front entrance at a landing and to leave the elevator car from the rear doors at another landing. This arrangement provides opportunities for flexible house floor plans.
    Mirror on rear car wall panel
    A mirror can be provided on the rear car wall panel as an option.
    New Noriai-go™ 20 car has curved side wall panels, providing a roomy space.
    Both Mechanical and Electronic Door Protection Device
    New Noriai-go™ 20 uses both safety shoe and light beam door protection system as standard features. The safety shoe will reopen the closing doors when touched. The light beam door protection system emits invisible light beams across the elevator entrance, and if any beam is interrupted the doors will reopen immediately.
    Optimum Door Time
    Four-panel center opening doors are adopted to make door time (door opening and closing time) significantly shorter than two-panel two-speed sliding doors. Irritation with slowly moving doors will be eliminated.
    Entrance Door
    New Noriai-go™ 20 is attractive as well as functional. Four-panel center opening doors are used for fast, convenient door operation.
    Earthquake Operation
    An earthquake operation device is available as an optional feature. This device has a sensor for tremors. When the sensor detects a tremor with a magnitude beyond the predetermined level, the device will automatically stop elevator operation or bring the elevator to the nearest landing if the elevator is running.
    Automatic Rescue Device
    In the event of a power failure, you do not have to worry about being stranded in the elevator. Standby power and car lighting is made readily available to bring the elevator safely to the nearest lower landing or the bottom landing. When the elevator arrives at the nearest lower landing or the bottom landing, the doors will automatically open.
    Easy-to-use Hall Button
    The hall button is designed to click at your finger tip, assuring the operator that the button has been pressed. The small lamp on the hall fixture provides a visual confirmation. The hall fixture also includes a parking key switch that renders the elevator inoperative when family members are out or only children are in the house.
    User-friendly Car Operating Panel
    On one of the side car wall panels is a user-friendly car operating panel. The car position is digitally indicated vividly in orange. This has large-sized buttons to allow everyone to use easily.
    1 cm Running Clearance
    Otis technology has made it possible to reduce the clearance between the sills of the entrance and the elevator car to as narrow as 1 centimeter, the industry’s smallest. This significantly enhances safety in using the elevator especially for people in a wheelchair or with a cart.
    New Noriai-go™ 20's handrails are specially designed for the convenience and safety of elderly and disabled people. A horizontal handrail is fitted on the side car wall panel as a standard feature. A vertical handrail is also available as an option.
    Horizontal Handrail (Standard)
    Vertical Handrail (Optional)
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