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The OTIS 510PSE(Public Slimline Escalator), with its elegant, robust and vandal resistant design, is the ideal product for applications with heavy passenger traffic such as railway and bus stations, subway stations, exhibition halls, airports, pedestrian subways, over-passes and other public transportation centers. The 510PSE is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
Safety is our priority: At OTIS, safety is our primary concern. The OTIS 510PSE has been designed with the latest safety features for the protection of the customer. OTIS escalators are designed with passenger safety in mind.
OTIS 510PSE meets and surpasses the EN115 stringent safety code requirements. E.g. the gap between the step and skirt panel is less than that required by global codes.
(OTIS World Wide Jobsite Safety Standard): Besides the code requirements, all OTIS escalator and Trav-O-lator products are additionally in accordance with this OTIS international requirement: WWJSSS.
Safety device
OTIS 510PSE equipped all safety devices as standard according to the EN115 code and OTIS WWJSSS to protect both passengers and workers, which makes this product one of the safest escalators in the world.
Product features:
DesignElegant, Robust and Vandal Resistant. The OTIS 510PSE combines attractive aesthetic choices with a robust, vandal resistant design. Based on a proven international OTIS design, the 510PSE will provide high degree of reliability and durability in the demanding, high traffic public transportation environment.
BalustradeElegant glass balustrade and Slope opaque balustrade can fulfill different requirement of customers for different applications.
Energy savingOTIS developed different power saving functions to help our customer to minimize the consumption of energy in different actual loading pattern, such as: Intermittent operation, Variable frequency technique and ETA plus function.
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