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Otis Vision we intend to be the recognized leader in service excellence among all companies – not just elevator companies – worldwide. We will inspire our customers’ total confidence through exceptional service that earns us 100 percent of their business, 100 percent of the time.
Our vision of making Otis the leader in service excellence must be evident in the actions of every Otis professional worldwide. Likewise, every employee is an ambassador of Otis who must help us achieve our mission of being first in service, first in products and first in performance. Service Excellence is the embodiment of this vision and is defined for our employees as follows:
We will take every action to ensure our products are safe for you and each passenger. We will be ambassadors of safety. We'll take every action to ensure the safety of our products, our job site, the riding public and our employees.
We will be uncompromising on work quality. We will provide the highest quality of service to our customers. There are no exceptions. We'll stand behind what we deliver each and every time.
We will respond promptly to your requests and keep you updated on our progress. We will reply to every customer phone call or email as soon as possible. We'll provide our service in a safe and timely amnner, treating every issue with urgency and communicating our progress to our customers. We will wait for our customers, but our customers will never wait for us.
We will relentlessly follow up on every job, to meet or exceed your expectations. We will never assume a problem has been fixed. Instead, we'll follow up on every job, every time. We'll provide the customer with regular, timely updates on the status of our work. And we'll let the customers know when the issue has been fully resolved.
We will take ownership of any issues and address them in a timely manner. We will assume full responsibility for every project. We won't ignore any problems or issues that come up. Instead we'll track and solve them until we've fulfilled the request and satisfied the customer.
We will anticipate your needs and be proactive in meeting them. We will consider ourselves part of the customer's team. We'll anticipate our customers' needs, whether to solve an unnoticed problem or offer solutions to improve how their equipment works. Every customer interaction will give us an opportunity to think creatively and provide effective solutions. If we don't know how to solve a problem, we'll find out.
We will deliver what we promise, on time, with no exceptions. We will do what we say we're going to do. We won't promise more than we can deliver. If circumstances arise that prevent us from keeping a promise on time, we'll let the customer know immediately. We will act with integrity.
We will maintain a positive and professional attitude. We will make the customer's experience pleasant and positive, every time. We'll treat customers with courtesy and respect, and use good listening skills to understand their points of view. We'll answer telephone calls in a friendly and professional way. And, we'll take pride in our appearance and our work.
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