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The XO-508 is fitted with highly efficient gear systems and machines that are designed to reduce energy consumption, and operational running costs.
The ETA-PLUS energy saving mode uses a Y connection on the motor to dramatically reduce motor heat consumption, and thus could save energy up to 10%, depending on passenger load, which is suitable for most of the application.
The optional variable frequency (VF) drive system enables the escalator to run at different speeds depending on traffic flow.
The VF drive system combines with a sensor that can automatically detect when a passenger alights the escalator. At the time of detecting traffic the escalator will gradually accelerate to run at normal speed. This feature conserves energy and reduces running cost significantly.
The ETA-PLUS Running Mode is standard mode of operation used under normal circumstances, which is suitable for most of the application.
The VF Running Mode is generally applicable for low traffic flow locations such as hotels and office buildings. VF mode cuts down on noise levels and can save up to 50% depending on passenger flow.
The Intermittent Running Mode is designed for unique circumstances such as underground passageways where daily passenger flow is inconsistent, with long periods of little or no traffic.
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