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Otis' unique PDP(Product Development Process) establishes strict checkpoints from planning and development through manufacturing and eventual handover.This process requires a stringent approval system at each stage, ensuring product quality and reliability.
  • High efficient worm gear box.
  • Integrated Non Reversal Device / Motor thermal device / Motor cover control; Optional Control contact for lifted brake/brake lining wear / overspeed governor.
  • Compact design and small size.
  • Low noise and smooth operation.
  • Flender gearbox, most mature reducer in escalator industry.
  • Indoor / outdoor application.
  • The XO-508 is available with both, a stainless steel step and a one piece die cast aluminum step option. To ensure greater reliability both step options have gone through the rigorous Otis Test Procedure for Escalators (OTPE) 20 million dynamic test cycles, cycles, far exceeding the code requirement.
    The Truss adopts a unique rectangular steel tube structure, introduced to the industry by Otis, which gives the escalator greater stability and therefore more reliable.
    The handrail is driven directly from the main drive that ensures continuous synchronization between step and handrail making the ride more safe and reliable. An optional polyurethane handrail is far more durable and easy to maintain.
    One-side guide track system safeguards in advance the non deviation of steps while in operation.
    Pre-welded upper and lower landing track system guarantees the precision. And Welding by robots ensures high precision.
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