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For extended rise and heavy traffic projects

The OTIS 510 PSE escalator is the ideal people-moving solution for venues with heavy passenger traffic such as railway and bus stations, subway stations, exhibition hairs, airports, pedestrian under-and over-passes and other public transport centers, both indoor and outdoor.

The OTIS 510 PSE escalator robustness, safety, reliability, availability and lifetime comply with the high requirements of the public transport. It is designed and engineered for projects with rise and passenger traffic above commercial applications.


At OTIS, research on safety is an on-going process with new safety features continually being introduced to ensure that the escalators are comfortable, reliable and vandal resistant, OTIS 510 PSE escalators are designed and manufactured to surpass the stringent EN115 code requirements, some of which are listed here:

1. Low friction handrail ensures comfort in grip and low wear-and-tear.
2. The gap between the step and skirting is less than that required by global codes.
3. The GUARDIANTM coated skirt panel offers low friction and is scratch resistant. It also provides lifetime durability.
4. Consistent minimal clearances between the steps and skirts is achieved through the increased rigidity of the skirt panels.
5. One piece, die-cast aluminum steps ensures maximum safety as each step meshes with the adjacent step.
6. Safety is optimized in the handrail entry and with the 1000 mm high balustrades.
7. Driven directly from the main drive, the handrail drive system ensures synchronous speed of the handrail and steps. Other benefits: low noise, no vibration, no surface degradation on colored handrail, longer handrail life.
8. Tapered deflectors prevent objects from getting trapped in the handrail entry box. The box is certified to the exacting standards of the TUV Authority and exceeds worldwide code requirements.
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