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Improve safety standards

World class detection facilityOTIS products are globally manufactured and pass strict tests conducted in the most advanced engineering and detection facilities in America, Japan, Germany, Korean and China.
Continuous monitoring to ensure permanent stabilityThe lift controller monitors the safety circuit, operating performance and operation setting of the lift system thousands of times within very second. This electric fault monitoring system can precisely detect faults and provide relevant precise fault diagnosis information. Technicians of OTIS lifts can quickly locate and solve the fault based on the information. This safety monitoring device is in line with all laws and regulations on lifts all over the world.
Using the correct methods at the correct timeUsing the correct methods at the correct time to maintain the lift can extend the service life of the lift. OTIS provides a series of lift maintenance schemes and building support systems to meet various requirements of clients and requirements of various types of equipment. We have provided standard working procedures all over the world, and specific maintenance schemes can also be prepared according to the specific environments.
Improve the lift taking experience to a new height

Compass intelligent lift dispatching management system: more convenient and more direct routesIn combination with the Compass intelligent lift dispatching management system, the speed for Skyrise to take passengers to the destinations can be accelerated by 55%. The passenger simply needs to input the target floor and then the lift will then design out the fastest, most direct and least crowd route to send the passenger to the target floor.
Reduce noises and vibration: more stable lift taking Due to the car design of aerodynamics and the super roller guide shoes, noises and vibration produced when the lift operates can be minimized so that the passenger can take the lift more comfortably.
Improve the comfort of passengersThe latest technology of OTIS is used for Skyrise, such as the advanced SNAP movement control system. Depending on the technology, OTIS can control the car movement and reduce the vibration amplitude to ensure that the lift can be started up and stopped more stably every time.
More efficient frontier technology

Save as high as 50% of energyThe PM synchronous traction machine can save as high as 50% of energy. The energy saving efficiency of the LED lighting system with the standby mode is improved by 80% compared with that of the traditional fluorescent lamp. The energy saving property of the Skyrise system has passed certification of the Verein Deutscher Ingeniure (VDI) standards. The Skyrise system has achieved the energy saving rating with all items being “A”.
Collect the lost energyThe energy regeneration technology (ReGen) for new types of lifts makes the lifts reach or exceeds the existing performance standards all over the worlds. At the same time, it also makes the lifts save considerable energy. ReGen can be used for collecting the energy lost under normal conditions and incorporating it into the internal grid of the mansion. This electric energy will then be used for other systems of the mansion.
Reduce area of the machine roomThe Skyrise system occupies much smaller hoistway space, vacating a valuable core area within the building. The PM traction machine is 40% smaller than the like product and its driving system and control system adopting the advanced technology of OTIS are also 50% smaller than the like products. Using the two in combination will make the machine room much smaller.
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