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The Gen2™ PREMIER system combines 21th century technology and materials with modern objectives including energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, passenger safety and comfort, increased usable space, streamlined architectural profiles and time saving installation. Gen2 PREMIER incorporates the latest major breakthrough in elevator technology – flexible, polyurethane-coated steel belts replace the conventional steel cables. It is suitable for both low-to and high-rise buildings.

The synchronous permanent-magnet machine along with a radial air gap is as much as 50% more efficient than a conventional geared machine. The system features a “sleep mode” for reduced power consumption. By reducing heat losses, the synchronous motor with embedded permanent magnets further enhance the machine’s ability to use energy efficiently.

Environmentally Friendly
In addition to conserving energy, the Gen2 PREMIER system is environmentally responsible in many ways. The need for oil in the machine is eliminated by the absence of a gearbox and the use of permanently sealed bearings. Unlike steel cables, the belts require no lubricant.

Benefits for Architects, Builders and Owners
The absence of a machine room gives architects greater design flexibility. Builders benefit from a rapid, controlled installation process that minimal external interference with other trades. For building owners, the Gen2 PREMIER system translates into lower construction costs and a substantial increase in rentable building space.

Smooth and Quite Ride
The design features of the system produce a ride experience of unsurpassed smoothness and quietness. The digital closed loop vector control ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration. The flat belt eliminates the vibration caused by wound cables and the sheave has been specially mounted to minimize vibration. The polyurethane coated belt also reduces the metal to metal effect of conventional cables against the sheave and the rubber padding isolates the car platform from the frame.

Machine Roomless - Gen2
  1. Compact, Energy Efficient Machine

  2. Controller

  3. Governor

  4. Revolutionary Coated Steel Belts

  5. Door Control System

  6. Easy-access Emergency and Inspection Panel

The new flat belt wraps a flexible polyurethane skin around steel cords

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