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OTIS 4000

OTIS 4000 is a series of model gearless elevators suitable for medium and high-rise residential and commercial buildings. The OTIS 4000 system is composed of the latest variable frequency drive control and microprocessor technology, intelligent modular system, compact-energy efficient gearless machine, and variable speed door operating technology.

As the latest high-speed gearless product, OTIS 4000 has the capacity to travel up to 4m/s. This pre-engineered configuration utilizes an intelligent design with proven components.

Permanent Magnet 138 Machine
Although compact and light, the Permanent Magnet PM138 can hold a duty load of up to 1600kg. It also uses a more efficient motor than conventional machines.

Controller 300VFE/Drive OVF30
The speed control unit monitors car speed and distance throughout the flight. By comparing the speed with an online calculator profile, fine adjustments are made to the voltage and frequency to give a very smooth ride. Parameters for acceleration and deceleration are fully adjustable.

Ultra™ Roller Guide
Roller guides travel along hoistway rails to keep your elevator properly aligned as it moves up and down in the hoistway. The Ultra™ roller guides employ a unique isolator that has been proven to reduce lateral cab vibration by as much as 50 percent. The Ultra roller guides’ self-adjusting feature tolerates rail misalignments of up to 7 mm per 5 metres of rail section. This means more consistent ride quality as well as a significant reduction of lift downtime over the life of the installation

Door Protection LAMBDA® 3D
The Lambda® 3D is a lift door protection system suitable for a wide range of door sizes and types to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

It features an invisible 3D 'safety curtain' of infra-red beams that ensure the physical well-being of passengers by continually scanning for interrupted beams.

If a beam in the curtain is interrupted, the Lambda system re-opens the door instantly, smoothly and quietly - without touching passengers.

Remote Elevator Monitoring (REM®) System
Our REM® System monitors the operations of elevators 24-hour a day. If the REM® System detects a problem, it will automatically report it to our OTISLINE Customer Care Center. When necessary, a technician is dispatched to the building with the right information, tools and parts. Problems are often resolved before they cause a shutdown. 24-hour monitoring ensures rapid response and minimum elevator downtime.

Gearless - OTIS 4000
 OTIS 4000
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