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The LINK escalator has been created to meet the demands of the world market and to suit a wide variety of customer segments and applications.
Safety First
Safety is of paramount importance to Otis, a fact reflected in our designs and manufacturing process. The unique form of Otis' tapered handrail entry box is designed with safety in mind. Specially developed deflectors ensure that only the handrail enters the critical zone. Precise synchronisation between handrail and step speed and exceptional step rigidity ensure a safe ride for all passengers. Yellow demarcation lines or yellow step inserts on the sides and rear of the steps are available for added visual safety.

Reliability through Quality Control
Otis' unique manufacturing process ensures ever-increasing levels of reliability for all our escalators. All components are designed and tested to ensure reliable performance for extended periods of time.

Impressive Performance
Engineered to meet high performance standards, there is a wide range of escalator performance output level to match the needs of various customer applications. The LINK escalator is fitted with highly efficient gear systems and machines that are designed to optimise energy consumption.

Exceptional Styling
With advanced styling designs, the escalator has been developed to blend seamlessly into different building environments. The truss is designed to incorporate high-quality cladding materials such as glass, sheet metals or other decorative panels. The stylish balustrade design has clear safety glass as standard and the joints of the balustrade can be arranged to suit individual design.

Wide Applications
The LINK escalator is a multi-functional escalator designed for various commercial applications. With a standard maximum rise of 8 metres, the escalator is an ideal product for locations such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, exhibition centres, airports and hotels.
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