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OTIS 3200

Reliable, High Performance and Elegant
Integration of the best design, manufacturing and installation processes and quality improvements that Otis has successfully developed over the years to suit your needs.
OTIS 3200 is the luxury series of the OTIS 3000 range of elevators that are specially designed to meet the people-moving needs in your buildings. It can cater to buildings up to 130 meters.

Its comprehensive range with modular design and varied car configurations and door openings are designed to fit specific applications.
Product Details
  • Overload warning light
  • Lift interphone/emergency call button/alarm button
  • Emergency Light Switch
  • Accurate leveling prevents tripping hazard
  • Solid, fire rated doors
Efficient Space Usage
  • Smaller space required for the compact controller
Service Assurance
  • Overall system reliability and efficiency
  • Advance diagnostic program
  • Cost Savings
  • Consumes less energy and improves power factor, resulting in less demands on building facilities
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