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OTIS 4000

OTIS 4000 modular control system uses a new generation of microprocessor controllers to provide optimum passenger response. Its control system and state-of-the-art digital VVVF drive control ensures accurate and consistent operation for speeds up to 4m/s.
OTIS 4000
The OTIS 4000 is Otis' high performance gearless solution elevator for prestigious high rise buildings.
It is a combination of the latest VVVF drive control technologies with sophisticated microprocessor control, intelligent, modular system design, advanced door operating technology, modern aesthetics, and OTIS quality and safety.
Performance and Comfort
  • VVVF closed-loop vector control drive technology provides exceptional ride quality, regardless of load.
  • The speed control unit monitors the car speed and distance throughout the flight. By comparing the speed with an online calculated profile, fine adjustments are made to the voltage and frequency, giving a very smooth ride.
  • Pulse Width Modulation - The voltage and frequency of the AC power supplied to the drive is adjusted in real-time to ensure that the optimum torque is obtained from the drive motor at all points in the designed speed profiles, giving total and precise control of car motion which decreases waiting time and reduces energy consumption.
  • The profile generator allows for precise position detection throughout the entire ride, enabling the system to run at optimum speed curve computed on a real time basis. The reduces floor travel time up to 12% compared with a conventional VVVF system. The profile generator reduces flight time, increases leveling accuracy and improves ride quality.
  • Improved group architecture with a ring concept - each car controller acts as a group controller - full group operation is maintained as long as at least two cars are in normal operation.
  • Precise floor leveling, independent of load in the car (+/- 3mm typically)
  • Proven Reliability
    • Microprocessor solid-state technology minimizes the number of moving parts, reducing possibility of mechanical failure.
    • A remote serial link communication system reduces the number of wires and connections between the controller and the electrical fixtures by 50%, increasing reliability.
    • The adoption of VVVF driving system and electromagnetism brake brings in less equipment wear and fewer callbacks.
    • The modular system structure divides the total control system into four subsystems, most of them connecting via a serial link, allowing easy adaptability to future requirements.
    • The self-diagnostic tool allows the elevator to be checked without being taken out of service.
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