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Ultra™ Roller Guides
Otis boosts elevator ride quality and breathes new life into older buildings with its Ultra system.

As buildings age, they tend to settle, causing shifts in hoistway rail alignment. Continual loading and unloading of the elevator car also contribute to rail misalignment. The result: a notable increase in sway and vibration in the elevator cab, giving rise to passenger anxiety and complaints. .

The Ultra roller guides’ self-adjusting feature tolerates rail misalignments of up to 1/4 in. per 16 feet (7 mm per 5 meters) of rail section. This means more consistent ride quality as well as a significant reduction of elevator downtime over the life of a building.

Roller guides travel along hoistway rails to keep your elevator car properly aligned as it moves up and down in the hoistway. They help smooth your elevator’s ride by absorbing vibration, much the way the shock absorbers in an automobile’s suspension help it glide over bumps in the road. As in an automobile, the quality of the ride depends on the quality of the suspension.

Our Ultra™ roller guides are the culmination of research and development efforts by the Otis Global Engineering group. Instead of relying on springs, the Ultra roller guides employ a unique, innovative isolator that has been proven to reduce lateral cab vibrations by as much as 50 percent. The result is a dramatic improvement in ride quality at a fraction of the cost of a rail re-alignment.
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