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Your elevator' s performance depends upon the reliable operation of all its components - which is why genuine Otis parts are the most thoroughly tested in the industry.

Otis continuously tests for material stability, endurance and performance consistency. To identify exactly what went wrong with faulty components, the Otis Quality Assurance Centre conducts root-cause analysis, and applies all findings to the development of perfected parts.
Replacement Parts
Parts Testing Every part receives the same scrutiny: a tiny malfunction can disable an entire system. Otis' rigorous battery of tests includes:
  • Extremes of temperature and humidity
  • Vibration and thermal-shock
  • Electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference
  • Testing individually and in combination with other parts
Parts ReplacementComponents are always replaced with original versions or compatible - new parts developed using data from the most comprehensive testing and quality control programs in the industry
WarehouseOver 300 square metres warehouse; assure availability of parts and components.
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