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Otis’ Holeless Telescopic Hydraulic elevator employs sophisticated twin telescoping plungers to extend the rise of our time-tested holeless hydraulic elevator up to 30'2". The result is a new, precision-engineered, cost-effective and environmentally safe product with a proven record of safety and reliability.
The Benefits of the Telescoping Technology:

Cost Effective
Saves time and money by eliminating drilling and its associated subterranean uncertainties — rock, shifting soil conditions, high groundwater tables and other hidden subsurface conditions.

Positioning of the telescopic plungers permits architectural flexibility in car design — single sliding, center opening, and front and rear opening door options, are all available. Ideal for sites with construction limitations, such as renovations, that would require inside drilling.

Environmentally Friendly
As an above-ground solution, Otis' Holeless Telescopic Hydraulic minimizes the risk of soil or groundwater contamination and related problems and concerns.

Ideal for installation at sites with known subterranean risks, waterfront sites and sites with high-water tables.

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