March 6, 2019 Germany

Andreas Gruß neuer Geschäftsführer bei Otis

Direktor Vertrieb bringt seine Branchenexpertise künftig auch in der Geschäftsführung ein

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otiselevatorco Otis Create combines drawings, finishes and final spec documents all in one tool. No more switching tabs to complete the job.


Thank you @digitdotcom for awarding us the Business Impact Award. We think #IoT can help us achieve some pretty ama…

We’re #madetomoveyou in Shenzhen, China! Our in-truss modernization method will be used to both upgrade our escalat…

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otiselevatorco Wishing those on summer holiday an enjoyable vacation with family and friends. We hope you have a safe August, and continue to make safety a priority year round. #WeAreOtis #Safety


otiselevatorco Our mechanics at the @empirestatebldg are among 33,000 skilled mechanics who are the trusted face of Otis for our customers around the world. Check them out at the #EmpireStateBuilding on the new 2nd floor exhibit! #WeAreOtis #mechanics


10 things you probably didn’t know about the @EmpireStateBldg and an inside look at our elevator modernization proj…

July 2, 2018 Berlin, Germany

Otis Deutschland gewinnt Großauftrag von Messe Berlin

Wartungsvertrag von fast 120 Anlagen der Berliner Messe unterzeichnet Modernisierung des Aufzuges des Berliner Funkturms abgeschlossen

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otiselevatorco It’s here. One incredible tool that combines the power of Architect’s Assistant™ and CabCreate™ so designing your elevator has never been easier. Tap the link in our bio to explore Otis Create.

Welcome aboard @SupalaiSociety! Thanks for choosing us as your go-to elevator provider and congratulations on your…

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