19 years ago we launched our Gen2 Elevator. Now, Otis India is launching the Gen2 Life System: a modern, customizab… https://t.co/Uc45cKIBeA

Happy #worldphotographyday! We might be a little biased, but we think skyscrapers make some of the best subjects.… https://t.co/wCzCZNr153

Aug 19 Jälgige meid Twitteris Edasisäuts


Select your design parameters then bring your cab to life. All in one tool. Get started with Otis Create:… https://t.co/RMXcF2zWdF

That’s true! Those 68 elevators could handle up to 85,000 trips each day. https://t.co/hzv6ro0FAi

Aug 16 Jälgige meid Twitteris Edasisäuts

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