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The audacious, unique, and dramatic high-rise buildings that use our lifts, escalators and moving walkways are justifiably famous, but across the world you will discover an even more varied and fascinating depth of projects, shaped by our dedication to environmental concerns, innovative thinking, and sheer quality of engineering.

Global major projects

Helping architects to realise their most ambitious dreams

Across numerous cities through a wealth of iconic structures, our international team of expert engineers has supported and advised the world's best architects, to ensure that their inspired design and boundary-breaking ideas are realised. We are proud to help and work closely with the creators of global urban icons.

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Inside stories

The diversity of our work reflects the depth of our expertise

From soaring high-rise icons to epic sports stadiums, luxurious residential developments and international airports, our lifts and escalators are helping to move people and enable innovative design. Our role in some of the world's most advanced architectural projects is often crucial and always inspiring.

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