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Introducing the Gen2® lift

The revolutionary Gen2 lift is transforming the industry we created more than 160 years ago. The Gen2 family of lifts blends convenience, style and performance to deliver a new passenger experience that adds value to any residential, commercial, hospitality, medical or industrial building.

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Gen2 Life

Routine made exceptional

320-1,020 kg duty load
1.0-1.6 m/s speed
Up to 45 m rise

The Gen2 Life lift blends convenience, style and performance to deliver a concierge-like experience that makes something routine, exceptional.

The elevator of choice for mid-rise residential building, the integrated systems and exclusive design capabilities of the Gen2 Life lift transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Gen2 Stream

Ready for business

320-2,500 kg duty load
1-3 m/s speed
Up to 120 m rise

For demanding residential and commercial buildings, the Gen2 Stream system keeps passengers on the move.

With a blend of elegant design and global engineering expertise, your passengers will enjoy the style, comfort and speed, allowing them to experience your building to the fullest.

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Gen2 Flex

Designed to adapt

180-630 kg duty load
Up to 1 m/s speed
Up to 45 m rise

The perfect choice when installing an elevator into an existing building, the Gen2 Flex elevator system can adapt to unique spaces.

Space-saving architectural features provide maximum design freedom, ensuring your residents travel in style, comfort and speed.

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Gen2 Robusta

Tough by nature

2,000-2,500 kg duty load
1 m/s speed up to 45 m rise
1.6-1.75 m/s speed up to 75 m rise

3,000-5,000 kg duty load
0.5-1.0 m/s speed up to 45 m rise

The Gen2 Robusta system brings advanced machine-roomless design and engineering to heavy-duty lifts for all building applications.

From offices to industrial plants, hospitals to hotels, it delivers exceptional performance in a space-saving design.

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Gen2 Switch

Simple, safe, efficient

320-630 kg duty load
0.63-1 m/s speed
Up to 27 m rise

With Gen2 Switch, we have created a highly efficient and versatile elevator for residential buildings - especially those that have not previously offered an elevator system.

With an exclusive in-cab service and a wide range of aesthetic options, the Gen2 Switch lift is both innovative and comfortable.

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Pioneering technology delivers energy efficiency with style

2,000 kg duty load
Up to 1.75 m/s speed
Up to 125 m rise

Featuring all the style, comfort and speed you've come to expect, the Gen2 lift is the environmentally responsible choice for residential buildings.

Energy-efficient and space-optimising from design and installation through to operation and maintenance, the Gen2 system allows passengers to enjoy your building to the fullest.

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Gen2 Home

The perfect choice for homes, offices and schools

320 kg duty load
0.15 m/s speed
Up to 15 m rise

The Gen2 Home system is the perfect solution for buildings with light to moderate traffic. Using Gen2 machine-roomless technology, the Gen2 home lift is flexible and energy efficient, using 70% less energy than a hydraulic lift.

The perfect choice for your homes, offices or schools.

Set your ideas free

With our selection of innovative tools, you can build your lift from the ground up. Conveniently choose from thousands of standard drawings, create customised specifications and drawings with Architects Assistant or design your lift interior with the CabCreate design app.

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Here to help create your building

Here to help create your building Carefully tailored to support the creation of your building, Otis Create will help you select the right product solution and create drawings and specifications tailored to your building project.

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Superior movement

Transforming the way we travel with the Gen2 system.

Your building’s greatest asset is its people. As the world constantly changes, so must our technology. The Gen2’s enhanced design keeps us moving forward, providing faster and smoother journeys through all buildings. Experience every ride in genuine comfort, with reliability at the heart of our performance.

Space-saving design

The Gen2 system's compact lift components fit inside the hoistway and eliminate the need for a machine room. This saves construction costs and frees up valuable floor space for your design vision.

Swift movement

High-performance door operators and superior car acceleration allow passengers to enter and exit elevators more quickly.

Low-noise gearless machine

Mounted on rubber isolation pads, the low-noise gearless machine reduces vibration and minimises noise in adjacent rooms.

Coated steel belts

Our patented smooth polyurethane coated steel belts last twice as long as conventional steel ropes, without any lubrication.

Pulse™ system

Maximising safety and minimising downtime, the Pulse system provides constant monitoring of the Otis patented coated steel belts.

Automatic Rescue Operation

In the event of a power failure, the battery powered Automatic Rescue Operation system safely delivers passengers to the nearest floor.

Moving with efficiency

Designed to maximise energy efficiency, the Gen2 system demonstrates our commitment to sustainability

ReGen Drive

The ReGen® Drive

Recycles energy and provides clean power for other building systems to use – the Gen2 lift reduces overall energy consumption 75 percent under normal operation compared to conventional geared, non-regenerative systems.

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Long-life LED lighting

Reduces energy consumption and lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode

Lights and fans shut down when not in use, and seamlessly restart with the press of a call button. Sleep mode makes the LED lighting 75 percent more efficient than conventional systems.

Zero Lubrication

Zero lubrication

The Gen2 machine and coated steel belts do not need additional lubrication, eliminating lubrication-related storage, cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste.

Lightning Bolt

Low voltage architecture for control

This standard feature reduces standby power consumption by up to 50 percent when compared to conventional machines and protects service technicians during maintenance.

Zero Lubrication

Gen2 Switch™ technology

Gen2 Life's battery-powered Gen2 Switch™ technology option enables operation during a power failure for as many as 100 runs. Powered with 230V single phase power from the grid or from renewable energy sources, the system requires less installed power than a household microwave.

Connect to convenience

Technology makes life simpler. The Gen2 lift puts high-performing, energy-efficient technology at a tenant's fingertips, while providing information that educates, entertains, and directs.

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Efficient motion

The CompassPlus destination management system is our most advanced destination management system ever, making every journey simple, intuitive and inspiring.

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Your own personal lift button

The eCall smartphone application puts the Gen2® Life lift at your disposal. There's no need to waste valuable time waiting for your lift to arrive - call it from your mobile so that it's ready to go when you are.

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Connecting with your passengers in new ways

The eView in-car display combines passenger entertainment, car indicator functionality, system monitoring and emergency call technology into one smart, stylish display.

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Innovative and easy to use

The OneCall destination entry keypad is sophistication made simple. Using Otis controls, it's created exclusively for one- and two-car groups, and a maximum of 12-16 hall fixtures.

Design that Evokes

Here to help create your building Carefully tailored to support the creation of your building, Otis Create will help you select the right product solution and create drawings and specifications tailored to your building project.

Made in Otis

Manufactured in Europe

Our products and services are engineered to exceptional standards, no matter what type of building it's installed into. From home dwellers to travelers throughout Europe and by supporting the globe's tallest and most innovative buildings, the team in our factories across Europe perform a world class service.

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