Modernisation starts here

You want your lift to be as safe, efficient and appealing as possible. Modernisation brings you these key benefits when your system is starting to lose its shine and performance – for significantly less than a new lift.

Otis 100M modernisation

Inject new energy into your manual lift

Otis 100M modernisation provides a valuable upgrade to your manual door lift, with minimal downtime.

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Otis 200/300M modernisation

Streamlined modernisation for automatic door systems

Improve the reliability, efficiency, safety, performance and aesthetics of your lift without changing your entire system.

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All-round modernisation without the cost of full replacement

Upgrade your manual door lift to an automatic system, with enhanced performance, safety and aesthetic options.

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Repairs packages

Tailored modernisation

You know the demands of your lift better than anyone, so we designed our repairs packages around you. We provide a variety of modernisation options to advance your lift, without the overhaul and cost of modernising your entire system.




New advanced features

Obsolescence upgrades

Performance & power-saving enhancements

A whole new experience

Through modernisation we can provide an engaging and contemporary passenger experience. From clear stylish lobby controls and eye-catching aesthetics to advanced destination management and in-car technology, we want to inspire people on the move.

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We put you at the centre

Service drives us, just as it always has

We’ve always placed people at the heart of what we do, so naturally this approach shapes our customer service too. We’re committed to delivering the service you need.

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Customised for you

A comprehensive range like no other

When you need an advanced lift, escalator or moving walkway system designed around passenger needs, freedom of choice is essential. Through our wide range of passenger experience solutions we can create a system that’s highly individual and a true asset to your building.

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Your lift is here

Diverse choices and people-driven solutions allow us to create the perfect system for you

Whether you need a low-rise hydraulic solution or an energy efficient machine-roomless design, we can create your next lift. Every innovative detail will be shaped by 160 years of experience.

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Individuality in motion

Escalators and moving walkways for every environment

Whether you seek refined design and customisation, long-life durability, or legendary reliability, we have the system you need. In commercial and public spaces, our technology moves you in style and safety.

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The world is our customer

You’ll find us at the heart of global design icons on every continent

General enquiries

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