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Judy Marks

President and CEO, Otis

Judy Marks Full Headshot

Judy Marks

President and CEO, Otis

In her 30-plus years in industry, Judy Marks has witnessed technological advances while applying emerging and mature technologies in a way that benefits society. As President and CEO of Otis, Judy is leading the iconic company through a digital and cultural transformation.

Today, Otis is taking its deep knowledge of the hoistway and using it to create digital solutions that serve customers’ needs in an era of intelligent buildings. This includes IoT-based service solutions with proactive data analytics for predictive maintenance; advanced video analytics and dispatching systems to manage varying traffic patterns; and a new generation of elevators that are connected, smarter, data rich, safer, and more efficient and comfortable than ever.

“We are living in revolutionary times as the world is digitally transforming,” she says. “Our 68,000 colleagues are on a journey together into the future. We’re continuing to innovate, to find new business models, to serve customers with excellence and to disrupt ourselves to become an end-to-end enabler of global passenger mobility.”

Judy has held senior leadership roles at three global icons – IBM, Lockheed Martin and Siemens AG. She was serving as CEO of both Siemens USA and Dresser-Rand, a Siemens business, when appointed President of Otis in 2017

She built her career on a host of challenging assignments, creating solutions for both global customers and government entities. A self-described technology zealot, Judy applies digital technologies and actively uses social media to amplify the reach of her messages. For Judy, leadership is about creating a sense of mission among employees.

“People make a decision every day about what kind of work they’re going to do,” she says. “That’s what I love about Otis people – they know that what we do matters. Across 200 countries and territories, we service 2 million units and touch 2 billion people every day to keep the world moving.”

Judy serves as a Director of Hubbell Inc. She earned a degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University.

In 2017, Judy was named to the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology and received the Excellence in Leadership Award from the International Society of Automation.