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Catching your elevator has never been more easy with eCall technology — all it takes is a single swipe!… https://t.co/xO36P69txA

RT @NewCities: Taking to the Skies - What is the Future of Urban Air #Mobility? LIVE at #CoMotionLA with Mark Groden, @skyryse, Bruce Holme…

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otiselevatorco When a building’s built, its built. But with SuperGroup™, your buildings can handle what the future has to hold. From higher traffic to shorter leases, it’s enabling high-rise flexibility. Learn more via the link in our bio.


otiselevatorco With CompassPlus™, your days of waiting in the lobby and packing into a lift are over. Head to the link in our bio to see how we’re grouping passengers intelligently by spotting building traffic peaks and patterns. #CTBUH2019


”With our technology solutions we can provide a quick and seamless experience for passengers to reach their final d… https://t.co/wQj9VDkPrD

Feb 15, 2019 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Otis Hong Kong Unveils Experience and Innovation Center – Creates a New Platform in Asia Pacific

Multi-million dollar investment underscores the company's commitment to Asia Pacific and provides a showcase for Signature Service and Otis ONE™ platform

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otiselevatorco With SkyBuild™, crews gain back 30-60 minutes of productivity each day. See how our self-climbing elevator finishes buildings faster than ever via the link in bio. #CTBUH2019

Day 1 at @LA_CoMotion wraps up with a panel discussion on the future of urban mobility featuring our very own… https://t.co/PizIM046Td

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