An exciting new journey

We’re transforming every journey with our most advanced destination management system ever.

Get there up to 50% faster

The CompassPlus® system makes the whole experience of moving faster, simpler and more enjoyable.

Everywhere people are embracing our innovation, with the CompassPlus system now being used daily in over 250 cities across more than 50 countries.


Example average travel time in seconds

  • CompassPlus (with SmartGrouping)
  • Conventional up/down system

Easy to use

The CompassPlus system is a big leap forward in flexibility, customisation and intuitive design. Easy to use, it provides a wealth of eye-catching screen options. It’s a virtual concierge that simply reinvents the passenger journey. Differentiate and increase your building’s value with the eCall App passenger experience.


Our CompassPlus destination management system offers faster, better organised service

Our patented SmartGrouping technology revolutionised lift travel by grouping passengers and stops – your car is assigned a group of passengers heading for the same place, but also a series of floors or ‘zones’. The result is a speedy, organised service.

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The CompassPlus system, using Otis’ latest dispatching technology, reduces long waits by anticipating walking time to your lift.

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Keep it moving

The CompassPlus system spots your building’s peaks and patterns, responding accurately to your customers’ demands.

Modern Aesthetics

Fixtures choices include wall mounted, durable aluminium in cool silver or smart black or flush mounted in brass or stainless steel.

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Otis Compassplus Custom Interface

Make it yours

Our CompassCreate™ software provides new levels of customisation. We offer an extensive library of user interface screens to choose from or you can design your own for total personalisation.

Otis Compassplus Custom Interface


It’s easy to customise buttons, colours, fonts, messages, backgrounds and imagery to fit your building perfectly and match your passenger’s needs with imagination and precision.

Otis Compassplus Custom Interface

Customised messages

You can customise messages hourly, daily, weekly, or for special occasions, from security information to advertising campaigns – the choice we offer is simply unmatched.

Otis Compassplus Custom Interface

Simple security integration

The CompassPlus system offers much more choice when it comes to integrating with multiple security suppliers and systems. It can accommodate both external and built-in security ID readers – no need to pay for separate readers.

Infinite possibilities

We have shaped the CompassPlus system to provide freedom and flexibility. It enables a range of personalisation options, integration with security systems and options to upgrade for modernisation.

CompassPlus downloads

CompassPlus brochure

Destination management for effortless movement

CompassPlus Touchscreen factsheet

Tactile quality and advanced flexible features

CompassPlus Touchpad factsheet

The virtual concierge for your passengers

CompassPlus Keypad factsheet

A wealth of technology at your fingertips

CompassPlus Concierge factsheet

Customisation with a very individual touch

CompassPlus Modernisation factsheet

Discover the latest in fast, efficient destination management

CompassPlus Turnstile Display factsheet

Incorporate CompassPlus into your turnstiles for maximum efficiency and security

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