Complete your building faster with our SkyBuild lift

Years of high-rise experience and innovative engineering come together in our high-speed, self-climbing construction lift.

Technology born of experience

The SkyBuild construction lift grows with your building, giving crews access to the highest completed floor. Once construction is complete, it goes straight into service as a SkyRise® lift.

Boost productivity with a safe, reliable, fast construction process

Allow crews to spend less time waiting and more time on the job

Gain 30 to 60 minutes of additional productive time every day

Move crews safely and quickly; say goodbye to slow external lifts

Execute climbs quickly during off-hours, limiting disruptions to your schedule

We can jump every floor, and we can jump anytime

A faster, safer way to the top

The construction lift reimagined, the SkyBuild system is a triumph of engineering and innovation. Designed to grow with your building, it gets workers where they need to be quickly and safely, saving you time and money.

  • 1 Overhead protection

    An angled deck protects crews from overhead hazards.

  • 2 Working deck

    Used by Otis crews to install additional lift rails, allowing the SkyBuild system to climb as construction progresses.

  • 3 Machine system platforms

    Central to the system’s unique design, the platforms support the SkyMotion® machine, controller, drive and travelling cable – components that become part of the permanent SkyRise lift.

  • 4 Hydraulic platform

    The heart of the SkyRise system, the hydraulic piston moves the whole assembly upward in single-floor jumps.

  • 5 Retractable support beams

    The SkyBuild system is held in place by support beams that are retracted during the climbing operation.

  • 6 Lift cab

    The construction lift serves all floors below the SkyBuild assembly. Once construction is complete, it converts into the permanent SkyRise cab.

Weight Icon
1,600 kg

Maximum standard duty

Weight Icon
3.5 m/s

Top speed

Weight Icon
300 m

Max rise


“SkyBuild was the smart solution for us. It shortened our schedule and reduced our costs. The Otis team brought tremendous knowledge to the job.”

  • Philippe Rouchette
  • Project Director, Tour Granite, Paris
  • VINCI Construction, France

Mega projects deserve a mega team

Expert support for your SkyBuild construction lift project

Every SkyBuild construction lift project has the support of our global major projects organisation. This team of dedicated experts works with you to keep your project on track, from start to finish. We can also draw on the knowledge of almost 1,500 Otis R&D engineers to solve any conceivable challenge along the way.

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The SkyRise lift: perfection comes to life

Your building will inspire for generations. Our mission is to bring your vision to life.

As our premier high-speed, high-rise lift system, SkyRise offers a unique combination of flexibility in design, a superior passenger experience, industry-leading technologies, speed in construction, global organisational support and years of safe, reliable performance.

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