An exciting new journey

We’re transforming every journey with our most refined destination management system ever.

Introducing CompassPlus

Our world and expectations are changing and along with those changes, more and more people are looking for customised and personalised solutions.

CompassPlus makes moving people easy and efficient, with clear way finding, customisable screens and personalised operation. Ready to integrate with your Building Security and visitor management systems, it compliments all kinds of buildings, from hotels and hospitals, to industrial, residential and mixed-use sites.

Over 10,000 elevators in over 60 countries already offer the benefits of CompassPlus.

Modern aesthetics

With 5 interface screens, 12 background options and a unique library of icons, CompassPlus gives you the freedom to customise. It’s designed around your needs.

Why wait? Call an elevator en route.

No need to wait for your lift to arrive-with the tap of a button on your smartphone, a call can be put in place, so it’s ready to go when you arrive.

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Customised to your building. Personalised to your passenger.

CompassPlus creates an individual experience with every ride. Customised to your building, it provides unique floor access, and a variety of flexible operation modes, such as VIP mode.

Simple security integration

The CompassPlus system offers much more choice when it comes to integrating with multiple security suppliers and systems. It can accommodate both external and built-in security ID readers.

You can arrive 50% faster with fewer stops

Our CompassPlus destination management system offers faster, better organised service

Our patented SmartGrouping technology revolutionised lift travel by grouping passengers and stops – your car is assigned a group of passengers heading for the same place, but also a series of floors or ‘zones’. The result is a speedy, organised service.

Smarter Icon


The CompassPlus system, using Otis’ latest dispatching technology, reduces long waits by anticipating walking time to your lift.

Moving Icon

Keep it moving

The CompassPlus system spots your building’s peaks and patterns, responding accurately to your customers’ demands.

CompassPlus downloads

CompassPlus brochure

Destination management for effortless movement

CompassPlus Touchscreen factsheet

Tactile quality and advanced flexible features

CompassPlus Touchpad factsheet

The virtual concierge for your passengers

CompassPlus Keypad factsheet

A wealth of technology at your fingertips

CompassPlus Concierge factsheet

Customisation with a very individual touch

CompassPlus Modernisation factsheet

Discover the latest in fast, efficient destination management

CompassPlus Turnstile Display factsheet

Incorporate CompassPlus into your turnstiles for maximum efficiency and security

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