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It all started with a promise

At Otis, service excellence isn't a slogan. It's how we do business.

When Charles Otis handwrote our very first service contract back in 1862, he promised to personally inspect the customer's lift. Today, our 31,000 service professionals feel this same sense of personal responsibility. Every one of them is dedicated to providing exceptional service tailored to your individual needs.

No wonder we're the industry's No. 1 provider, servicing nearly 2 million lifts and escalators worldwide. We invented the safety lift, created the industry and wrote the safety standards still used by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

We earn your trust every day

Our mechanics see your building as their own.

We have the industry's largest team of field mechanics - 31,000 highly trained and dedicated professionals. They wear the Otis logo as a badge of honour. It is their mission to keep your equipment operating at the same level of peak performance as the day it was installed.

Our technicians can be there around the clock to give you even greater peace of mind - the case at large installations like Dubai's Burj Khalifa, Tokyo's Mori Tower and Jamaraat Bridge in Mecca during the annual five-day hajj.

It's how we earn your trust over a lifetime of service.

Digital ecosystem

Putting the internet of things to work for you

Since we invented the safety lift, we've continued to push the limits of technology to dramatically improve the performance of lifts and how we service them.

We were among the first lift companies to use remote diagnostics and predictive analytics to improve service. And with today's smarter, connected lifts, we're harnessing the power of digital technology and the internet of things to deliver an even higher level of customised service.

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24/7 expert support

Every hour of every day, the OTISLINE call centre is here for you. This service puts you in touch with experts trained in every aspect of your system's operation and what to do when issues arise. With every call, the OTISLINE call centre is the fast track to the resolution you need.

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