Gen2® Robusta

Tough by nature

Designed to serve a busy world, the Gen2® Robusta system is the perfect freight lift solution for all types of buildings, from airports and offices, to hospitals and hotels.

Gen2 Robusta, it’s tough to the core

Powerful yet compact, the perfect elevator for heavy loads

With advanced design and engineering, the Gen2 Robusta is a heavy-duty specialist. From offices to industrial plants, hospitals to hotels, it delivers exceptional performance in a space-saving design. The large opening doors can be configured to open to the front and the rear, for ease of loading and unloading.

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Up to DL 2000- 3500 kg

1.75 m/s speed upto 75 m rise

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Up to DL 2000- 4500 kg

1 m/s speed upto 45 m rise

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Up to DL 2000- 5000 kg

0.8 m/s speed upto 36 m rise

Powerful, yet compact

The Gen2 Robusta lift delivers exceptional performance in a space-saving design

Heavy-duty and energy-efficient technology combined with speed and power make the Gen2 Robusta lift one of the most sustainable freight lifts on the market. Our team can install your lift safely, quickly and with minimal disruption.

Reliable strength

The Gen2 Robusta, tough to the core

Engineered to transport heavy loads safely and securely, the Gen2 Robusta uses industrial materials to serve any commercial purpose. Difficult duties are performed with ease, taking the everyday strain. This is a powerful elevator design you can truly depend on.

Designed for durability

Every surface, material and finish in your lift should reflect your particular vision and specific needs. Our range of interior designs and fixtures endure the everyday wear and tear of industry life, whilst maintaining high standards of safety.

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Wide doors

Gen2 Robusta has a wide range of door options with widths up to 2,700 mm.

Wall Protection

Wall protection

Optional interior wall protection: PVC boards,Hardwood and Stainless Steel prevent damage to your cab interior.

Confidence in reliability

Built exclusively at our ISO-certified European factories, the Gen2 system is a perfect blend of Otis reliability, quality and advanced design. We’re very proud of the exceptional performance it delivers, day after day.

Otis Pulse

Pulse™ system

Maximising safety and minimising downtime, the Pulse system provides constant monitoring of the Otis patented coated steel belts.

Otis Pulse

Automatic Rescue Operation

In the event of a power failure, the battery powered Automatic Rescue Operation system safely delivers passengers to the nearest floor.

Otis Pulse

Your maintenance program

We take a proactive approach to service, so you enjoy 24-hour monitoring, highly trained mechanics and a speedy global parts network.

Otis Pulse

OTISLINE® call centres

OTISLINE call centres connect you to our round-the-clock customer service. A direct video link can give you peace of mind that help is on its way.

Made in Otis

Manufactured in Europe

Our products and services are engineered to exceptional standards, no matter what type of building it’s installed into. From home dwellers to travelers throughout Europe and by supporting the globe’s tallest and most innovative buildings, the team in our Gien factory perform a world class service.

Moving with efficiency

Designed to maximise energy efficiency, the Gen2 system demonstrates our commitment to sustainability

ReGen Drive

The ReGen® Drive

Recycles energy and provides clean power for other building systems to use – the Gen2 elevator reduces overall energy consumption 75 percent under normal operation compared to conventional geared, non-regenerative systems.

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Long-life LED lighting

Reduces energy consumption and lasts up to 10 times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode

Lights and fans shut down when not in use, and seamlessly restart with the press of a call button. Sleep mode makes the LED lighting 75 percent more efficient than conventional systems.

Zero Lubrication

Zero lubrication

The Gen2 machine and coated steel belts do not need additional lubrication, eliminating lubrication-related storage, cleanup and disposal of hazardous waste.

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Gen2 lifts blend convenience, style and performance to deliver a new passenger experience that adds value to your building.

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