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Our Otis India team is keeping Bengaluru moving! We've been selected to provide 112 Gen2® elevators to the Bengalur… https://t.co/fRuDZBf1IS

Jan 21, 2020 FARMINGTON, Connecticut, United States

Otis Investor and Analyst Meeting Advisory

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Look at those athletes go! ⛷️ Thank you to our hard working volunteers for their engagement this weekend at the… https://t.co/0bZpbmGumd

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otiselevatorco For Debbie, moving people isn’t just a career — it’s a family legacy. We move 2 billion people a day and our field professionals make it possible.👷‍♀️ #MadeToMoveYou #Repost @tishmanspeyer with @make_repost ・・・ The more things change at Rockefeller Center (new restaurants, exciting art installations), the more they stay the same (the tree, landmarked buildings). One keeper of tradition is Debbie Vasak, a mechanic with Otis Elevator Company who has been keeping the elevators and escalators at Rockefeller Center running for over twenty years. “There aren’t a lot of women in the industry, but my three sisters and I are all elevator mechanics,” she says. “We hope that we can serve as an inspiration for other women looking to join the trade.” #rockefellercenter #tishmanspeyer


otiselevatorco Get you an elevator that can do it all ⬆️🏙 #DollyPartonChallenge


Since the beginning, we have been part of some of the most important projects in Uruguay's history spanning from th… https://t.co/gE79cxziYG


otiselevatorco 📢 Announcement! 📢 We have been honored with Project of the Year 2020 from @elevatorworld for the @empirestatebldg modernization project! We move 10 million tenants, visitors and observatory guests at the #EmpireStateBuilding each year from the ground floor to the observation deck and every floor between. #MadeToMoveYou

Our 1500+ engineers innovate to connect you in our taller, faster, smarter world. Head to our Instagram Story to s… https://t.co/Tj0Vhqotd0

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