Elevator sanitizing products

New products developed to improve the health and hygiene of your building

Making progress together

As a global company, we've had the opportunity to observe and work with customers on some of the challenges they face as stay at home orders are lifted and they transition to a "new normal.”

We’re taking those lessons and developing new solutions to move passengers safely and responsibly. Fill out the form below to join our waiting list as we work on new products to improve the health and hygiene of your building.

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Making progress together

Otis resources for social distancing

As we navigate these unprecedented times, Otis continues to innovate solutions for our customers and passengers.

Please visit our resources page for our full suite of facility guidelines, downloadable signage, seamless and touchless technology solutions and more.


Sanitizing escalator solutions

New products designed to reduce bacteria on escalators and moving walkways

Our LED UV-C Handrail Sanitizer and Antimicrobial Handrail are designed to mitigate risk, meet safety code requirements and promote safe and responsible use of escalators and moving walks.

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