Closed-loop door operator

Consistent, smooth door operation

The Otis closed-loop door operator constantly monitors the speed and position of the elevator doors, and compares this data to pre-defined opening and closing profiles.

It works like a car’s cruise control — you set a particular speed and it adjusts the gas to ensure the car travels at the desired speed.

Features & benefits

This innovative door system combines the latest technology with precision-engineered noise reduction techniques to deliver one of the fastest, quietest door systems in the industry.

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Improved performance

Some installations show as much as a 46 percent improvement in door-opening performance - from 3.0 second to 1.6 seconds.

Improved Reliability

Increased reliability

Closed-loop control compensates for variations that may cause doors to operate inconsistently

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Intuitive design

The Otis closed-loop system self-corrects and adjusts, so wind and temperature changes or even minor debris won't hamper the doors.

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Peace of mind

Less moving parts means fewer repairs, saving you downtime and money

Environmentally friendly

This door system uses electronic communication and a permanent magnet motor which eliminates the carbon-brush dust found in traditional DC systems. In addition, the permanent magnet motor is more energy efficient than operators that use induction motors.

Furthermore, the systems sealed-for-life bearings do not require any lubrication making it cleaner for your elevator and the environment.

Service transformed

Developing the best for the future

We never stop improving — our industry-leading expertise and technology will keep your system in order. It’s a balance of our global service network, 24/7 call center and dedication to your personal needs.

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