Empire State Building

Opened in 1931, the Empire State Building was the first building to top 100 floors, an astonishing milestone that only added to the mystique of this art-deco masterpiece and global icon. Otis supplied the elevators – the fastest of their day.

An enduring partnership

To help realize their vision, the original owners selected Otis® elevators for their new building. In 2011, management entrusted us with the system’s modernization.


The modernization is among the largest in our history – and among the most complex. New machines are brought up in pieces. Custom rigs lower counterweights into place. The new high-rise cars run faster, smoother and quieter. We’re also installing three new Gen2® elevators.


A new Gen2® elevator will carry visitors from the 86th to the 102nd floor. An altimeter will tell passengers how high they are at any given point.

"The Empire State Building is like family to us. And it’s a thrill to be helping the trust realize its 21st-century vision for this amazing landmark."

Empire State Building

New York City

Otis Elevator Company
1 Carrier Place
Farmington, CT 06032


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