SkyRise® modernisation

Maximum progress. Minimal disruption.

Peerless experience

Our blend of industry-defining experience, advanced tailored design and non-disruptive expert installation is simply unique. Smooth progress is assured.

Increase your building’s value

From matchless performance and reliability, to appealing aesthetics and energy efficiency, SkyRise modernisation delivers in style.

Your personalised modernisation solution

Our high-rise gearless or geared traction solutions move at up to 8 metres per second. The passenger experience is smooth and comfortable too.

Creating energy while carrying passengers

Our innovative ReGen® drive system captures energy created by your lift and feeds it into the building’s electrical grid. It’s working hard for you in every way.

Efficiency in motion with the CompassPlus® system

CompassPlus is our most advanced destination management system. Touchscreens, flexible fixtures and our innovative virtual concierge interface all contribute to a seamless and individual experience. Going further, the CompassPlus system provides a whole spectrum of custom options, reinforcing your building’s unique character.

Explore CompassPlus

Celebrate individuality with our custom options and accessories

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Custom fixtures

Choose from a wealth of standard and custom options.

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Cab interiors

Project your building’s individuality with a custom cab interior.

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Luxury position indicator

Provide custom content on this full-colour LCD display.

We have the experience you need to get the job done

We ensure that it’s business as usual throughout your building with our four-step modernisation process. Disruption will be absolutely minimal.

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Project management

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Quality assurance

Service solutions without equal

With the Otis Maintenance Management Solution and Remote Elevator Monitoring [REM®] you’re in the safest hands.

‘We analyse’

Using up to 400 diagnostic points to evaluate and monitor your system.

‘We monitor’

You get expert data analysis 24/7.

‘We respond’

Remote Elevator Monitoring [REM] experts alert our service engineers, instantly.

Building a sustainable future

Our innovation and technology help to maximise resources and performance

As part of United Technologies Corporation [UTC], we can deliver the latest sustainable solutions, from advanced security and minimal energy consumption, to next-generation comfort and increased productivity. UTC is the only founding member of the Green Building Council on five continents.

General enquiries

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