Ride safely

New products designed to reduce bacteria on escalators and moving walkways


Advancing technology for today and tomorrow

Our newest escalator products are designed to mitigate risk, meet safety code requirements and promote safe and responsible use of escalators and moving walks.

In addition to investing in sanitization products, we encourage all passengers to follow their local guidelines on social distancing when using escalators and moving walks.


LED UV-C Handrail Sanitizer

UV-C wavelengths effectively sanitize handrail surfaces

Now more than ever, reducing bacteria and keeping shared spaces sanitary is of utmost importance to your riders.

Our LED UV-C Handrail Sanitization module is mounted internally on your escalator handrails to effectively sanitize handrail surfaces.

Fully guided, the handrail passes through the modules as it runs, exposing the handrail to sanitizing UV-C light .


Antimicrobial Handrail

Offer passengers a cleaner experience with handrails that actively kill bacteria

Otis now offers an antimicrobial handrail. Our specialized formula inhibits the growth of bacteria such as E. coli.

Using the same active ingredients found in other cosmetic products, the handrail effectively attacks bacteria which prevents it from spreading.

To give your riders peace of mind, we can also apply antimicrobial symbols to the handrail giving them the confidence they need to ride safely.

Antimicrobial protection from top to bottom

When it comes to protecting your passengers, Our two new products go above and beyond in removing harmful bacteria from escalator handrails.

  • 1 LED UV-C Handrail Sanitizer

    This internally-mounted unit uses UV-C wavelengths to sanitize the handrail while it is in motion. After just ten cycles, 99.9% of E. coli bacteria on the surface will be killed.

  • 2 Antimicrobial handrail

    An antimicrobial coating effectively kills bacteria and germs on the handrail surface. Customize the look with an optional laser-engraved logo or symbol to indicate enhanced features.


Making progress together

Otis resources for social distancing

As we navigate these unprecedented times, Otis continues to innovate solutions for our customers and passengers.

Please visit our resources page for a full suite of facility guidelines, downloadable signage, seamless and touchless technology solutions and more.

Upgrades and replacements

Investing in the future of your building

With less passengers in and out of your building, now is the perfect time to consider updates to your elevator.

Browse our new eCatalog to see our full range of products to improve the safety and performance of your elevator.