otiselevatorco At the heart of 22 BishopsGate in London are the fastest set of our SkyRise double-deck lifts in the UK. Read more about this fascinating building, just click the link in our bio. #MadeToMoveYou


[ #ProyectOtis ] 🚀 Diseñamos #ascensores eficientes y que garantizan la #accesibilidad, consiguiendo así impulsar e… https://t.co/5eYcAr6YGI

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otiselevatorco 👀 Catch this behind the scenes look of President & CEO, Judy Marks, talking with @fortunemag’s Susie Gharib about our big plans to be the future of urban mobility. Click the link in our bio to watch the full interview. #WeAreOtis #MadeToMoveYou


otiselevatorco We’re proud to continue to serve the Sydney Tower that stands at a soaring 309m! It’s been a great 13 years servicing this iconic landmark in #Australia and we’re excited for another 10 years. #WeAreOtis #MadeToMoveYou


otiselevatorco New technologies and ways of thinking will advance urban mobility beyond what is possible today. Thank you to the field professionals and engineers who demonstrated the seamless elevator experience at @lacomotionfest #WeAreOtis #urbanmobility #smartcities