Proyectos mayores globales

Nuestro mundo es más pequeño que nunca. La vida es más rápida y está más conectada. Vivimos en edificios de grandes alturas que una vez fueron inimaginables y confiamos en una compleja red de transportes para mantenernos en movimiento. En el corazón de este paisaje urbano se encuentra Otis.

Leading major projects across the globe

Otis is at the heart of every urban landscape

Our global major projects team is behind many of the most iconic high-profile installations around the globe. In more than 200 countries and territories, our experts support the most ambitious projects.

From start to finish, our experienced and dedicated team collaborates seamlessly with yours to help realize your vision. Standing with them are nearly 1,200 world-class Otis R&D engineers ready to solve any challenge.

Together, we will make your building a symbol of excellence and inspiration for generations to come.

Moving people on an epic scale

Our infrastructure projects are defined by their sheer scale, the complexity involved and by bespoke demands. This is moving people on another dimension.

Every major infrastructure project creates a whole spectrum of challenges and specialised demands. We are ideally equipped to meet them because we have an unmatched depth of expertise and diversity of experience.

From advice and visionary ideas to innovative technology and our unique team of highly trained professionals, we provide the products, the people and the services that ensure complete success, from start to finish.

Because we have a wide and flexible product range, we can tailor and fine-tune what we offer for every kind of infrastructure need.

Another kind of epic

So what do we mean by volume?

It’s about a large and extraordinary number of lifts or escalators needed for a single project or over a long period of time. The main challenge is to be perfectly consistent, which is why we keep a group of talented experts together who maintain fluid communication and really understand customer expectations and can deliver what they need.

We’ve created a worldwide product and service strategy that guarantees consistently high quality across any geographical area or time frame. There is no room for surprises.

Our global major projects team is a rich source of expertise, knowledge and experience for any volume project. They’re perfectly equipped to help forge and maintain relationships across the world that can then be effectively managed at local or regional level.

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Meet the global major projects team

Meet the experts who use their wealth of experience to help turn some of the most complex visions and ideas into reality.

Meet the global major projects team
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Global case studies

Across hundreds of urban landscapes through a wealth of structures, Otis has enhanced the way people travel. With an undying devotion to using advancements in technology, we are proud to elevate access to the world’s tallest and most iconic buildings.

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Proporcionamos un transporte de primera clase a las estructuras más emblemáticas del mundo

Con 11 oficinas regionales de grandes proyectos en 5 continentes, nuestro equipo de proyectos mayores globales (GPG) ayuda a los clientes en el diseño, instalación y mantenimiento de algunos de los sistemas de transporte más complejos.

Con proyectos terminados con éxito que abarcan rascacielos de gran altura, complejos sistemas de metro, aeropuertos internacionales y algunos de los proyectos de gran volumen más exigentes, nuestro equipo GPG no sólo tiene el conocimiento técnico para hacer realidad su proyecto, sino también la experiencia.

Juntos, haremos de su edificio un símbolo de excelencia e inspiración para las generaciones venideras.

«Queríamos un monumento hermoso para nuestra capital. Otis nos ayudó a lograrlo.»

The Lotte Group

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