otiselevatorco Check out that skyscraper! 👍 We are out in Los Angeles for @lacomotionfest this week discussing the future of urban mobility. Follow along with us! 🏙 #comotion #urbanmobility #skyscrapers

Our goal since 1853 has been to be at the forefront of mobility and to move people safely. @Otis_CEO, Judy Marks sh… https://t.co/gBqRVwwBA1

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otiselevatorco At Otis, safety is an absolute. To celebrate #ElevatorandEscalatorSafetyWeek, we're sharing tips on safe riding. Here’s a tip for riding elevators safely: Stand clear of elevator doors, and keep clothing and carry-ons away from the opening. #madetomoveyou #safety


otiselevatorco Seventh grader Ana-Lois is quite the inspiration! This year she won the Otis Mobility Award for her project that enhances communication on the road. Happy #STEMDay to Ana-Lois and all the up-and-coming inventors and engineers!💡#inventionconvention


“And as cities continue to grow, developers are looking ever upward – and that means they’ll need a safe elevator.”… https://t.co/Qp6AHYNuyk


otiselevatorco Say hello to our most advanced high-rise elevator. Combined with cutting-edge science and precision engineering, the SkyRise™ elevator redefines how passengers reach the top. See how via the link in bio. #CTBUH2019

What will the future of city travel look like? We have a few ideas… @JessicaNaziri @LA_CoMotion https://t.co/MheFyC7yC9 #MadeToMoveYou

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