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Made to move you

‘Made to move you’ is the new proposition and creative platform from Otis which aims to create a story thread between the connectivity and design aspects of the product and the human connections that take place behind an elevator's closed doors, unpacking rich story themes told in a beautifully shot, short film.

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It's something that you've probably done dozens, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of times. But what if the next time you stepped into a lift, it felt like something different? Over the past two centuries, Otis has provided the freedom of movement, transporting people forward in new and exciting ways. Our innovations in deep science and precision engineering have helped to indelibly change the cities we live in. Together with our customers, we have continually evolved the modern skyscraper, building not just structures for work, play and life, but moments for humans to exchange ideas and bask in the moment. Every day, we are able to share moments in motion with the more than 2 billion people around the world.

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Our stories through our heritage

Elisha Otis’ invention of the lift safety brake made the modern skyscraper possible and forever changed the urban landscape. We’re rightfully proud of our heritage. That pioneering spirit continues to transform our business and our industry with innovations that connect people, products and customers to one another. The ‘Made to move you’ event sheds new light on our archive of historical Otis items and a fresh perspective on the stories of the people we care about.

With the dramatic change to London’s skyline currently underway, the city and the rest of the UK will be set with modern high-rise buildings. Otis, whose founder invented the modern lift, is introducing new lift products and services to meet that demand, including the connected Gen2® Life lift and the expanded Otis SkyRise® product family for high-rise buildings.

High-end products for tomorrow's smart buildings

Our Gen2 elevator redefined the elevator industry with breakthrough technology that replaced conventional ropes with flat belts, leading to you enjoying a more comfortable ride, greater reliability, more efficient operation and increased energy efficiency compared to conventional roped elevators.

Now, our Gen2 Life builds on that legacy, adding more than 400,000 elevator design combinations with new interior design concepts, providing continuity with the architecture and design of a building.

The Gen2 Life also features integration of multimedia and connected services, including a full HD eView™ screen; Otis' eCall™ mobile application and OneCall™ dashboard.

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High-rise solutions for the UK's tallest buildings.

We’ve recently expanded our SkyRise product family, designed for the world's tallest buildings. The self-climbing SkyBuild elevator joins the SkyRise family as a time-saving option. Installed at the beginning of a building's construction, the SkyBuild elevator allows movement of crews and tools quickly and safely - without an external lift or exposure to weather. Its unique hydraulic piston system enables it to quickly climb one floor at a time as the building rises. Once construction is complete, the SkyBuild elevator quickly transitions for immediate service as a SkyRise elevator.

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