June 20, 2019 Incheon, South Korea

한국 오티스 생산 및 연구개발 센터 준공

아시아 태평양 지역 거점으로 육성… ‘IoT 커넥티드 엘리베이터’ 연구개발에 박차개발, 설계, 품질 테스트 한 공간에서 이루어져 운영 및 고객대응 효율성 제고

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otiselevatorco Seventh grader Ana-Lois is quite the inspiration! This year she won the Otis Mobility Award for her project that enhances communication on the road. Happy #STEMDay to Ana-Lois and all the up-and-coming inventors and engineers!💡#inventionconvention


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Christ the Redeemer is equipped with 3 Gen2 elevators, 4 outdoor escalators and nearly 800,000 visitors per year. T… https://t.co/NM1pBtNTWa

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otiselevatorco Say hello to our most advanced high-rise elevator. Combined with cutting-edge science and precision engineering, the SkyRise™ elevator redefines how passengers reach the top. See how via the link in bio. #CTBUH2019


otiselevatorco We’re helping people connect and thrive in cities every single day. Happy #WorldCitiesDay!


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Oct 12, 2018 Incheon, South Korea

오티스 코리아, 인천 송도에 ‘오티스 R&D센터 및 첨단생산시설’ 착공

병원, 의료시설 포함 다중이용시설 겨냥, UV LED 조명, 항균 핸드레일 등 위생 강화 플랫벨트∙리젠 드라이브 등 글로벌 젠투 엘리베이터의 혁신적 기술은 그대로 구현

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otiselevatorco When a building’s built, its built. But with SuperGroup™, your buildings can handle what the future has to hold. From higher traffic to shorter leases, it’s enabling high-rise flexibility. Learn more via the link in our bio.

RT @NewCities: Taking to the Skies - What is the Future of Urban Air #Mobility? LIVE at #CoMotionLA with Mark Groden, @skyryse, Bruce Holme…

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