April 15, 2019 SEOUL, South Korea

오티스 코리아, 중저속 신제품 ‘젠투라이프 노바’ 디자인 출시

고휘도 ∙고광택 메탈 소재와 다양한 패턴 조화로 감각적인 인테리어 효과 구현 슬림 LED 조명 및 스테인리스 스틸 미러 적용한 천장, 넓고 쾌적한 공간감 구현한 ‘스마트 디자인’ 플랫벨트∙리젠 드라이브 등 젠투(Gen2) 엘리베이터의 혁신적 기술력 탑재

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Meet Nickie Grey. She's built lasting customer relationships with each service contract in her upcoming… https://t.co/sa38lSC1pO

May 16, 2018 SAN FRANCISCO, United States

Otis Helps Shape San Francisco’s Skyline with Oceanwide Win

New Oceanwide Center will use Otis products to optimize people movement

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May 9, 2018 FARMINGTON, United States

Otis Launches Gen2 MRL for High-Rise Market

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RT @Otis_President: Thrilled to meet with global Otis leaders this week to discuss our preparations for being an independent company, and t…

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