otiselevatorco We’d like you to meet Killi Layton. As an Otis mechanic, Killi knows no elevator, or day, is the same. Stay tuned to see him tackle any city challenge in this #SignatureService story.


Yesterday we spoke about history, today it 's about taking people to new heights. #Eweek2019 https://t.co/NayTHRchmF

#DYK In 1894, some ten years before automobiles mainstreamed horizontal transportation, we installed the world’s fi… https://t.co/oX5Aqz3oag

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otiselevatorco Ringing in the #YearofthePig – Happy Chinese New Year!


otiselevatorco For the last twenty years, this mechanic has brought precision and passion to work each day. Stay tuned for this San Francisco #SignatureService story.


As we recognize #EWeek2019, lets test your knowledge about Otis' history and the engineers that help move you aroun… https://t.co/la2JRSCTDn


otiselevatorco Ping’An Finance Center is Otis’ first project in China installed with its lighter, smaller 78-ton SkyMotion™ traction machines.

“Scientists dream and engineers do.” 👏 #eWeek2019 https://t.co/tGkHhZFitS

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