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Introducing Otis Signature Service®

In 1861, Charles Otis made a promise: to personally ensure the safety, reliability and functionality of every elevator – without compromise. And he signed his name to it. That legacy lives on today through our dedicated and passionate people. And we're building upon their personal commitment with investments in new technology.

Our name is Otis – and service is our signature.

Invested in your future

Our committed teams are empowered with new tools

Every day, our teams roll up their sleeves to keep two billion people on the move. We continue to invest in new tools and processes, so our highly trained mechanics and support teams can ensure a faster return to service. It’s all part of our commitment to moving the world more safely, efficiently and reliably.

Alongside our 24/7 OTISLINE® support team, our mechanics have a suite of digital support tools enabling expedited onsite maintenance and safe, comfortable rides.

A more personalized experience

We put you and your passengers at the center of everything we do


Personalized contracts

Flexible service packages offer maintenance and connectivity options to suit your needs.


Custom notifications

Easily customize your communication preferences to access real-time notifications and simplified, faster reporting.

Smart Signals

Event alerts

Event-driven alerts keep you in the loop on important updates about your building and equipment.


Capital planner

Tailored recommendations help you avoid surprises, increase product lifespans and plan for the future.

Information on demand

We communicate with you in real time

We are committed to being easy to do business with. That means giving you a single place to find all the information you need when you need it. With the new customer portal, you can get a complete overview of your account, available 24/7. Contact our teams directly via phone or chat, log faults online and track maintenance and equipment health in real-time.

Or use API integration to seamlessly connect Otis data to your existing building management applications for easy purchasing and invoicing.

Solutions before you know it

We turn data into action

The future of service is a move toward proactive and predictive maintenance to address issues before they become problems. The future is now possible with Otis ONE™.

Otis ONE, our connected internet of things (IoT) solution, continuously monitors, collects and analyzes the health of your equipment so we can stay ahead of your maintenance needs, preempt potential shutdowns and maximize your investment. Safe, reliable and efficient rides for your passengers has never been easier.

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Eliteservice Phone Representative

Seçkin Hizmet

7/24 uzaktan tanının sağladığı huzurla tanışın

İşlerine adanmış mühendislerden oluşan ekipler asansörünüzün verilerini gerçek zamanda izlerler ve bir sorun ortaya çıkarsa bir uyarı alırlar. Genelikle, siz daha farkına varmadan dahi onlar sorununuzu teşhis edebilirler ve çözebilirler.

Eliteservice Phone Representative


Tüm bakım ve servis portföyünüzü masanızda veya iş başında yönetin

Bizim eService (e-Servis) portalımız kritik asansör ekipmanlarına ve servis bilgilerine bilgisayarınızdan veya mobil cihazınızdan anında ulaşmanızı sağlar. Performans gösterge panelini görüntüleyin, bakım detaylarını kontrol edin veya bir servis çağrısı yapın.

Eliteservice Phone Representative

eService Mobil

Ekipmanınızı akıllı telefonunuzdan yönetin

Sektörde hesap verilerini gerçek zamanda doğrudan mobil cihazınıza gönderen ilk uygulama olan e-Service mobil ile asansörünüzün bakım ve servis geçmişi ve performans verileri hakkında daima en güncel bilgilere sahip olun .


24/7 expert support

Every hour of every day, the OTISLINE call centre is here for you. This service puts you in touch with experts trained in every aspect of your system’s operation and what to do when issues arise. With every call, the OTISLINE call centre is the fast track to the resolution you need.

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Otis Signature Service combines modern intelligence with a legacy of commitment to deliver you with a more personalized service experience.

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